Wellness in the Workplace: A Journey from Treadmills to Mental Health Days

The world of corporate wellness and mental health support has witnessed a remarkable transformation over the years. It has evolved from a mere checkbox to a central pillar of workplace culture. This is evident in the comprehensive, employee-centric programs today that reflect a deeper understanding of the holistic well-being of the workforce. The Past: Employee […]

MINDFULNESS BEYOND WELLNESS: Exploring the Deeper Dimensions

In an age where trends come and go, mindfulness has captured the hearts of many but also raised questions about its longevity. Is it just another passing fad, or does it possess a deeper significance in our lives and society? In this exclusive interview, we take a deep dive into the world of mindfulness with […]

New Age of Appraisals

From Personnel department to Human Resource function to People Strategy, people management has come a long way to be at the centre of corporate game. With the workforce becoming more dynamic day by day, and changing the façade of the corporate culture, organisations are now encouraged to adopt new talent management practices. In continuation to […]

Bell Curve – Why so popular?

In the world of corporate performance appraisals, there’s a tried-and-true method that has stood the test of time: the bell curve. Also known as the normal distribution curve or Gaussian curve, this method helps organizations evaluate and categorize employee performance. Let’s take a closer look at what the bell curve method is all about.

Navigating the Interview Game

Job interviews are not just about impressing potential employers; they’re also a two-way street for you to learn about the company and determine if it aligns with your career goals. So, while you’re busy preparing answers to those tough questions, remember to put on your interviewer’s hat and ask questions that matter to you. Here are few simple questions that you can ask and make a difference

The Intellectual Revolution: Shaping the Fight for Independence in India

The history of the education system in India is rich and diverse, spanning several millennia. It has evolved through different Peaks and downfalls, influenced by various cultures, and ruling dynasties. Somewhere in 6th Century BCE – 6th Century CE, India was home to some of the world’s earliest and glorified universities, such as Nalanda, Takshashila, […]

Good Luck Candidates!

In my previous articles I focussed on corporate side of interviewing mindfulness. I take this space and opportunity today to throw some light on tiny yet mighty aspects that a candidate be mindful while preparing for the job interview.

Diversity, No longer just a passing trend

Diversity and inclusion (D&I) are closely linked values held by many organizations. It entails being supportive of different groups of individuals from varied races, ethnicities, religions, abilities, genders, and sexual orientations. A diverse and inclusive workplace is essentially one that makes every employee or
staff member, regardless of who they are or what their role is, feel equally involved in all areas of the workplace.